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Small mosaic and minatures to super large format tile.

The variety of sizes available has increased dramatically. Larger formats continue to be introduced and we stay up to date on all new setting materials and installation methods.  Our tile mechanics are well trained and the best in the industry!


Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Stone, Glass.

Tile is both functional and asthetic. We have expert knowledge of all the 'hard tile' materials and know the perfect way to install each. Whether you need quarry tile in a commercial kitchen or porcelain tile for an underwater application we can help you determine the best product and best installation method possible.




Standard grout, Fortified grout, Epoxy Grout, and more


The right grout for the right job! Unlike other tile companies we dont hate Epoxy and are actually excellent installers.  Epoxy is more expensive than standard grout and far more costly to install -- it has its benefits AND its drawbacks. Before insisting on Epoxy make sure you're aware of the many other options.  There are a host of new and improved power grouts and epoxy like grouts that meet ANSI 118.3 standards yet are better for many projects and cost less. We can help you determine what's best for your project!

Trims and accents


Schluter, bullnose, etc., etc.


Precision Work


9/2015: Still updating this site. Will use better pictues on this page and add install topics about our precision (show a pic of our job .v. average job (1/8" grout joints at 18mi bld)). Maybe some other pictures of our base .v. average, etc.

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