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Estimating & Value Engineering

Estimating is more than just getting a price

Do you really think it's a good idea to simply select the lowest bidder?  Will that make your project successful?


We have years of experience, completing so many of the finest projects in Southeast Michigan and beyond. We've done super high class jobs, very large scale jobs with many moving parts, jobs with extreme deadlines and so much more.  We know what it takes do get jobs done and that all figures into our estimating and value engineering work.


We also have the best skilled crews available.  So when you get our estimate you can be certain it is comprehensive and represents the actual cost. No surprises once the job starts.


Value Engineering

VE can save you money and improve the overall job! ... we're still working on website and need to add more to this topic. We have many ways to reduce costs and still provide a wonderful job ...







Mike McGovern

Crack Estimator and Web Site Builder. "We do excellent and honest work here at Eldorado.  This website may not be the fanciest but I created it myself and it's being hosted free which helps us keep overhead costs down so we can keep our prices to you as reasonable as possible"

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